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Test center

Impact tester

Hand-held push pull meter

Hand-held torque test

Hardness tester

UV aging test box

Color difference tester

The center covers an area of more than 700 square meters (an issue of 350 square meters), with dozens of imported and domestic testing equipment. In the process of establishing the talent team of the testing center, we have introduced more than five years of working experience in the large-scale laboratory, and have the technical personnel with a diploma or above.

The center mainly serves the product development and product performance testing of the company. Performance have the mechanics of materials, surface treatment, the climate environment simulation test, doors and Windows hardware complete sets of operating performance, precision detection ability etc., at the same time, first in the industry robot doors and Windows hardware (repeatedly) for opening and closing test, the fatigue life with universal mechanical testing machine, hardness tester, torsion meter, pushing tension meter, coating thickness meter, color difference meter, light box, programmable constant temperature and humidity box, UV ultraviolet aging test chamber, salt spray test chamber, OVM 2.5 dimensional measuring machine, robot, doors and Windows hardware testing machine equipment.

In the daily operation process, the coe will conduct systematic management according to ISO/IEC 17025. Ensure scientific and effective testing activities. Strive to obtain CNAS certification laboratory qualification in 2019 according to the planning goal.

Film thickness tester

The robot repeatedly opens

and closes.(fatigue life) testing


Salt mist tester

Programmable constant

temperature and humidity test box

Universal mechanical testing